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Martha Liff, pictorial artist

I am born 17.03.1938 in Verdal. From my early childhood I have been interested in colours and patterns, but it was not until 1980 that I could start my career as an artist, and in 1994 I got my own atelier in Brannanvegen in Verdal.

During the following years I participated in several competitions for porcelain painters in Europe and in the USA and achieved little by little international recognition. In 1996 I gained the silver medal at the World Exposition for porcelain painters in Dallas, USA and in 2006 the silver medal at the World Exposition in Philadelphia, USA. In 1999 I participated in the World Exposition in Geneva, Switzerland and obtained appreciation for my works, that together with the best works of the exposition were published in a beautiful book: “La Valse de l’Art” issued by a Swiss publisher.

My urge to create new things brought me to start painting watercolour and later acrylic. In addition oil paint has become more and more important in the exercise of my art in the latest years.

Nature is my foremost source of inspiration. I love the mountain, and I find inspiration and joy in the nature. Colours ravish me, and I paint so to speak from the nature’s own palette. I feel a deep humility looking into the tiniest mountain flower, and I enjoy the magnificent sight of  majestic mountains far out in the blue.

But in the middle of my joy I also become worried. Worried  -  because of our cynical exploitation of the nature, often without any consideration about future generations. Maybe it is time to consider the wise saying of the Indians: “We should use the earth, not misuse it.”


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